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“The Business of America is Business” — President Coolidge at the Height of the Roaring Twenties Featured

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This little known declarative statement by the unpretentious 30th U.S. President in the midst of the Roaring Twenties has never made the nation’s history books, but rightfully focuses on the globally unmatched drive that has made the U.S.A. the unparalleled world economic and technological leader that will retain its growth supremacy into the undetermined future. 

The main reason for the veracity of this belief is “entrepreneurialism.”  That French word loosely translated would indicate “inventive and innovative” capability. The proof of America’s superior growth during its periods of presidential leadership that understood America’s uniqueness in commitment to entrepreneurialism is a matter of record. It further dramatizes its backsliding at time when “incompetence and inexperience” was voted into the White House by an electoral majority that did not comprehend that professional and economic leadership experience was increasingly imperative. 

It’s not accidental that the entrepreneurial drive propelling the U.S. at the peak of global progress is primarily the result of the hundreds of thousands of independent businesses, headed up by owners and/or general managers that are also the decision makers and nurturers of progress that instigate continuous growth. 

That is also why a recognition of entrepreneurial leadership has made the U.S.A. the leader in such leaps forward as hydraulic fracturing of oil and natural gas, medical breakthroughs, revolutionary communication techniques, and the arenas of entertainment and transportation. These have invariably emanated from the independent leadership of professional, productive, and marketing businesses that have set the future road map for the rest of the world. 

Unfortunately, this success formula has not penetrated the major components of the current political arena. This has placed ultimate national leadership into the hands of money-powered lobbyists and political wheeler-dealers, dedicated to imposing foreign ideologies and misguided economic systems. They are committed to divert the successful future with which America has been blessed since our brilliant forefathers hammered out a Constitution that no other of this world’s nations has ever matched. 

The current presidency and its misguided “Affordable Care,” activated during the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, is proof-positive that incompetent and/or misguided leadership direction is proving the belief that America’s Healthcare perversion and foreign policy crises have been nurtured by a total rejection of the entrepreneurial pro-American ideologies that have made the U.S. the greatest nation on earth.

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