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U.S. Government Policies, Technology, Increasingly Inhibit Employment Featured

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While the U.S. Labor Department has come under increasing fire for minimizing monthly unemployment figures, Administration-initiated policies increasingly restrain “small business” hiring practices. 

Since such privately-held companies employ more than two-thirds of the nation’s job seekers, such federal government priorities make future full employment practically impossible.  While the employment-reduction impact of Obamacare gets most of the headlines, the overall approach of the Environmental Protection Agency, and the strangulating federal financial regulations are making future employment opportunities even more remote. 

These government policies are particularly tragic, since energy development, infrastructural construction and repair, plus natural resource development of federal lands (two-thirds of U.S. acreage) are out of bounds for tapping the resource riches that exist underneath.  On top of all this is the accelerating impact of the technological evolution, which decreases the need for “hands on” workers on the shop floor, warehouses or businesses’ back offices. 

While current Obama Administration policies stay in place and are constantly expanded, the specter of unemployment will overhang what could easily enhance the greatest spurt of employment improvement since the heady days of the mid and late 20th century.  These eras saw actual unemployment drop to near 4%, which demographic experts consider “full employment” due to geographics and changes in job openings, which are continually evolving. 

It is the ultimate irony that a nation blessed with the greatest natural resource reserves ever, a vibrant technology, record exports, and the need for national upgrading keeps running head-on into misdirected government policies.  These face the U.S.A. with even worse unemployment in the months to come, as the impact of the ill-conceived “Affordable Care” insurance directives force millions of “small” business employees to find themselves on the part-time worker employment line, while businesses strip their full-time work force down to the bare essentials.

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