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Is the Long-Term Power Limitation of the U.S. Presidency in Mortal Danger? Featured

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With President Barack Obama committing himself to the use of executive orders as a means of implementing his major priorities into law, is he thereby attempting to undermine the U.S. balance of power precedent, based on the triad of the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial sectors to form the unique basis of American democracy?


This historically unique, and sovereign role of 13 states, becoming a unified nation late in the 18th century, was based on the unequaled success of a nation, whose political, economic, and technological leadership covering the world’s few thousand years of civilization has become the historical paragon of greatness, looked up to by the rest of the civilized world.


It’s a matter of historical fact that the dire horrors of the Twentieth Century’s two world wars could have led to a destruction of Western civilization, had it not been for the founding fathers of 13 separate, and often cantankerous states, with a total population of three million sovereign citizens, declaring their independence and forming the embryo of today’s greatest nation, 238 years ago.


Remarkably, and uniquely, the American form of government has produced today’s most powerful nation— envied and respected (and feared by its enemies) by the rest of the world; with a citizenry of 320 million of the earth’s population of over seven billion.


The forty-three Presidents who have been honored with the leadership of this heavenly-blessed nation, have all respected the testament of our American forefathers.  Even President Abraham Lincoln, confronting and successfully averting the separation of North and South, only used emergency methods to save the United States, but respected the Constitution.  A similar emergency was confronted by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, to stop the worst attempt in history to destroy modern civilization.


But no President, prior to the current incumbent, has openly challenged the American Constitution, by empowering his own personal list of priorities, by flaunting his disdain for the co-equal legislative and judicial branches of government.


How this unfortunate travesty plays out in the next two years may pose the greatest danger to the survival of the American way of life, and all it stands for in the eyes of the rest of the world.

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Morrie Beschloss

Morris R. Beschloss is a global economic analyst, award-winning long-term top business executive, and avid blogger.

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