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Is China Headed Toward World Leadership Position?

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Since saving the world from facing certain destruction by the Germany/Japan combine in World War II, the U.S. also kept the co-superpower Soviet Union steamroller from dominating Western Europe. America was also chiefly responsible for the economic rebuilding of both friend and foe with the Marshall Plan. The United States of America has also achieved the unchallenged world gross domestic product leadership; with only a distant runnerup position from the world’s people population leader, China, since 1980.

But to the surprise of the budding European Community, a new Chinese global-leading population (1.45 billion) has developed a considerable Number Two “gross domestic product” position since 1980, trailing the U.S.’s $18 trillion GDP. That gap is closing with China’s GDP at $12 trillion today.

But since the beginning of the 21st century, the expanding Southeast Asian economic combination of government, industry, and superbly strong independent business balance has thrust China’s previous internal struggles into a unified superpower. This approach has elicited the emergence of President Xi Jinping as Red China’s greatest leader since Mao tse-Tung. After the most recent 2017 unified government restructure and the failure of the President Obama-led Trans Pacific Southeast Asian economic union, this has caused a unified China, (including Moslem Uighurs and the Tibetan segment) to be a serious challenge to the U.S.’s once assured world economic leadership.

To the world’s surprise, China’s compatible relationship between the Communist government’s major economic domination of steel, oil, and rare minerals, etc. and a thriving and growing independent business colossus, seems to have provided an economically balanced world unification, never before experienced.

While the U.S. is struggling with an economic rebuilding of healthcare, taxation, infrastructure development, and internal political lack of unification, China seems to have taken on both economic power, and a solid military base to advance its interests. Also, there has been an unexpected political unification, led by Xi-Jinping that points to a real possibility of global gross domestic product world leadership.

With a unified parliament, a thriving business community, and access to needed commodities of all types, China is certain to challenge the U.S.’s long-standing GDP number one spot, as early as the end of the current decade. This is especially so since infrastructure development in China is moving full speed ahead in an economic and military direction, never before seen in this world population leader.

With growing lack of U.S. unification, depending on a mid-term election yet to be resolved, China may well be occupying the world’s number one position, as the current decade ends.

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Morrie Beschloss

Morris R. Beschloss is a global economic analyst, award-winning long-term top business executive, and avid blogger.

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