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Will US Future Depend on Mid-Term Elections?

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After a first year, first term Administration that can best be described as “stormy,”the future of the first term remaining, as well as a sure second term, may well rest on the November 6, 2018 mid-term election.

In a presidency beset by an intransigent Democrat resistance, further complicated by a GOP “Freedom Council;” President Trump’s immediate, and long-term success will become increasingly dependent on the success of his pre-election objectives from here on in.

While much of the criticism of the current President’s highly verbal contradictional style tends to be dismissed by his backers, such indifference will become more serious as the mid-term election time approaches.

What is becoming especially serious is the resistance President Trump is meeting from his Republican Party associates on healthcare revision, tax system upgrading, import-exports, national infrastructure revision, etc. This internal lack of unification is becoming increasingly divisive politically.

While President Trump’s popularity maintains consistency with the “blue collar” rank and file, which swung behind him in the last general election, urgent approvals of the unaddressed main issues are becoming increasingly serious in undermining the President’s effectiveness.

Although the Democrat Party seems bereft of outstanding leadership and superior vote-getting ability, continued attrition of President Trump’s popularity could undermine a major triumph in Senatorial advantage, sorely needed by the GOP. This is needed to add the necessary Senatorial triumphs in November. Despite the two-thirds of the 34 Senatorial seats up for grabs in the upcoming mid-term elections being Democrats, nothing less than a major GOP victory in November would be needed to overcome Republican recalcitrants, as well as Democrat Senate seats up for grabs in November.

Anything less than a solid Republican victory in November could not only undermine President Trump’s critical governmental issues, but question his backers’ ability to finance what appeared to be a sure two-term stint only a few months ago.

When the Charlottesville toppling of “Civil War” monuments instigated an outrageous series of uncalled-for protestations against the long ago “Civil War” hatreds, those calling for a new showdown provided substance to a powerful “New Right,” emerging worldwide.

The ridiculous aspects of the “anti-Dixie” protesters is only surpassed by a strong following, emerging intensively in even such disparate areas as Hungary, Sweden, and Germany, as well as the U.S.

While awakening the disgust of the populist majority in these nations and others, the Left “loonies” are driving most “moderates” to the “Right,” as a means of protest against Leftist extremism that seems to delight in destroying property, confronting police, and re-opening historical cleavages, such as the U.S. Civil War.

As has often happened in the past, these excesses have become the fodder of strength, quickening the growth of such fast-rising Right Wing political groups as Germany’s Alt-Right, known as Alternative for Germany (AFD); and former Trump advisor Steve Bannon-led Far-Right; U.S. political forces, splitting from both Trump and independent “Freedom groups” within the Republican party.

While the “kookie” U.S. Left, such as the Bernie Sanders Socialists, and the German Social Democrats’ attempts to pin the Fascist Nazi label on such “reactionary” movements, these are proven to be empty, falsified charges.

What the “New Right” does have in common is their disgust for the hooligans of uncontrolled protestation, and property destruction. While it’s easy to pin “Nazi” on the German “Alternative for Germany” (AFD), my intense assessment has found total disgust for Hitlerism and Communism. The latter is underwritten by much of the large AFD Parliamentary newcomers emanating from the former German Soviet satellites, in the September 2017 German Parliamentary election.

What is particularly tragic is that the “New Right” has chosen to confront the Left with a similar type of negativism.

For instance, the German AFD has chosen to rid Germany of Islamic exiles, and their newcomers and forebears; while emphasizing that Germany is for historic German nationals. In the case of the former U.S. Trump chief advisor, Steve Bannon, their nationalistic basis is amazingly similar. What separates both from a “Left wing” attempt to pin the “Hitlerite label” of yesterday’s Far Right, is their friendship and support of Israel, and rejection of anti-Semitism. This spreading new force is only beginning to make itself felt.

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Why is Housing Market Getting Tighter?

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While a few short months ago, it appeared that the overall U.S. housing market would loosen up, in the financial deflation aftermath, an unexpected reversal has taken place.

In fact, 2018 has all the makings of increasing surplus demand for several years to come. This unexpected turnabout is only partially due to an improving economy, with millions of post-millennials moving out of their family homes, as the 2008-2011 financial “depression” has come to an abrupt end. Builders can’t put up new units fast enough to compensate for the substantial slowdown caused by the recessionary termination.

As a result, these factors alone have created a reluctant sales intent by potential buyers, afraid of not finding replacement housing. This fear has reduced inventory shrinkage even further, intensifying housing price rises in most parts of the country. Such activity has predicated an additional 5% price increase over the normal supply/demand relationship.

Added on to this availability phenomenon, further complicated by the limitation of enough build-able land, a drastic shortage caused by rising national costs, and easy available financing in getting reasonable rates for additional new housing. Adding to these negatives are the recent losses, due to the Houston hurricanes; plus the Florida and Puerto Rico national disasters. Home builders were already in short supply, prior to the need for tens of thousands of carpenters, and other skilled tradesmen necessary to repair or replace the unexpected natural losses.

Much of the already talent shortage available, which was being snapped up by commercial construction projects, these skilled workers tend to be more attracted to specialized projects of this nature. Those positions promise longer term job security and higher wage factors, therefore providing greater attraction. Such demand will likely increase the shift to commercial and industrial projects. Even rising mortgage rates, now near a current all time low, will do little to ease the greatest housing demand pickup in several decades.

Although specific housing forecast increases tend to be risky, some percentages are needed to project the scope of the aforementioned increases. Such 2018 projections are as follows for the coming year:

1) Single family housing starts at 900,000 nationwide, a plus 7.5% for 2018; 2) Multifamily starts, 345,000, minus 4.2%. 3) New home sales, 670,000, plus near 10%. 4) Existing home sales, 5.6 million, up 1.5%. 5)Year end, 30 year mortgage rate, 4.3%. 6) Year end price increase change, plus 5% average for 2018.

While much of the cost increases will run in the major parts of the country, which has experienced national increases since the end of the recession, much of the activity will likely occur in the South, Southwest, and Mississippi West as the aforestated predictions may turn out to be conservative, rather than over-optimistic.

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Will 2018 be Headed for US Export Records?

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While 2018 is destined for the rebuilding of America’s manufacturing production, the U.S.’s exports of oil and natural gas may provide a major thrust in reversing the export/import trend of the last 16 years. Much of this turnaround will be provided by record outward bound shipments of America’s West Texas Intermediate (WTI) oil, and a prospective record-setting natural gas. The latter is being readied to achieve an all-time high international record breakthrough. These optimistic projections are based on the following certainties, and probabilities now under development:

1) A certain business-friendly new tax structure, first in 30 years.

2) The likely imposition of an “import embargo” on oil and natural gas, which is currently reaching record production levels, only covering 50% of U.S. demand of oil and natural gas developed derivatives, exceeding 20 million barrels per day.

3) A current record U.S. investment reserve, ready to be invested in both “independent businesses,” as well as conglomerate units; finding the U.S. ever more attractive for placement of American-based units, rather than the decades-long shrinkage of the recent past.

4) Enhancement of training programs by commercial and industrial U.S. firms, providing the crafts, building skills necessary to provide the manpower to fill the needs of new and/or enlarged factories to match the domestic and export needs that are available and forthcoming.

These are likely to grow in the months ahead, as a more rational tax structure, and the reversal of the Environmental Protection Agency’s power, returns to the individual states; rather than the job-reducing past 16 years, which used EPA, Dodd/Frank, and the overrated climatology propaganda to turn the U.S. into a 68% “consumption economy.”

5) Also awaiting manpower and grandiose plans are the long-delayed upgrading of the nation’s infrastructure, which has not been actively approached for the past 50 years.

This has resulted in America’s overall geography, especially pipelines, highways, bridges, and dams from even being upgraded to a bare subsistence level. Fifty five thousand dangerous bridges are a sad testimonial to America’s too-long delayed infrastructure rebuilding, excelled even by China and Russia, according to knowledgeable observers.

Continuing resistance to this dire necessity is especially strong in California, Illinois, and New York, whose ultra-liberal governments place long-term climatological purity ahead of bringing the world’s greatest nation — the U.S.A.— back up to snuff.

While most of the disconnected militant upsets in the violent past have been attributed to ISIS, and the weird North Korean Kim-Jong-Un, the real danger undermining a facsimile of world peace is “Iran.”

It is a sad irony that the weak, but dictatorial Shah Reza Pahlavi, who presided prior to the current Ayatollah Khamenei, and his father Khomeini, were positioned into Iran’s dictatorship position by former President James Earl Carter, Jr.; and his security advisor, Andrew Young. The latter persuaded his boss to urge France to release Khamenei from house imprisonment to “lead” the Iranian people.

The parallel with Adolf Hitler was reflected in the forced “retirement” of the Shah. The latter shortly thereafter was forced to flee his country, and died shortly thereafter of cancer In Cairo, after being refused hospitalization and hospitality by Carter, and his henchmen.

The events that have transpired since this 1970's succession of circumstances, followed by a ten-year war with neighboring Iraq, which was conveniently “ended” in Iran’s favor, by virtue of George W. Bush’s Iraq invasion. This eliminated the only hedge against Iran’s newfound power, greatly embellished by the two Ayatollahs’ personalized SS, “the Revolutionary Guard.”

As could be expected, the new Fascist Iran has made Israel its chief enemy, subject to eventual elimination. Subsequent circumstances have accelerated these objectives, as the disintegration of Saddam Hussein’s Iraqi dictatorship put the “Shia” religious element in power over its only military equivalent, leaving the Ayatollahs to forcefully arm “Hezbollah.” This Lebanon-based Israel-confronting terrorist organization, supporting the ruling Shia remnants of Iraq, also forced a military alliance with Russian-backed Syria, which had previously “awarded” the Russians two Mediterranean seaports, a centuries-long unfulfilled Russian quest.

This set of circumstances has now provided “Fascist” Iran with awesome power over the embellished Shia “combination.” This has surrounded and weakened the previous power hold of Sunni Saudi Arabia, and its allies, such as the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, etc.

With Syrian dictator Bashar-al-Assad overpowering his weakened domestic enemies, while Iranian-backed guerillas are increasingly successful in infiltrating Saudi Arabia from Yemen on its south, the once all-powerful dominant oil producer, and U.S. Mideast ally, is steadily being weakened from all sides.

While the “sell-out” U.S. documented Iranian treaty, matched with the release of $100 billion in U.S. currency, Iran is steadily following the brutal power-grabbing Nazi tactics, as it continues its Mideast domination.

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What Surprises Await U.S. in 2018?

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With the forthcoming year 2018, just around the corner, there are many indications that the new year will bring forth unexpected events, and some major surprises not yet factored into the anticipated Administration’s “mid-term” election extravaganza in November 2018.

Although foreign policy will provide more than the normally expected surprise events (North Korea, Mideast confrontations, Eurocom disintegration, and the Russian/Syrian/Iranian alliance, for instances), it’s more than likely that the U.S. Government Administration’s manifold difficulties will provide most of the “one-second” media headlines.

This prediction is especially valid, since President Donald J. Trump’s feisty and argumentative governing style will provide unexpected mandates. Anyone expecting a recessive presidential style, absence of constant Twittering, or moderation in relationships with antagonistic GOP Senators is kidding him or her self.

Much more likely is an even tougher President, who will hold his fellow GOP party members to account, ready to “retaliate” when Trump’s will is being questioned. It is much more likely that President Trump will resort to “direct action course” mandates, possibly outstripping the record used by President Barack Hussein Obama in his last two years, of his second term.

While such “direct action” will unleash a flurry of legal challenges, expect the President’s orders to be activated before the complicated U.S. legalistic high gear elevates its judicial powers.

It’s a near certainty that “sanctuary” states, regions, and cities will be declared illegal, overriding this unprecedented, institutional attempt to give this anti-national historical format the upper hand.

Unfortunately, this unique, inflexible President will likely declare any of these legislative challenges as dangerous attempts to undermine his continued leadership. This could stir up a record outbreak of opposition, especially in cities and educational institutions ready to instigate increasingly violent confrontations; at a level not previously experienced in U.S. history.

This will lead up to the November 6 mid-term election campaign that will reflect the will of the U.S. voters, hopefully, to clarify the incumbent trend of the American electorate, such as the last presidential election dictated, without resistance.

With the year 2018 and the upcoming mid-term elections beckoning in the foreseeable future, the success or failure of President Trump’s Administration is hanging in the balance. The cause could well be the rebellious GOP minority, known as the stubborn “Freedom caucus” GOP party division.

While the rejection of Obamacare looked like a “shoo-in” early in the 45th President’s four-year term, noone expected a torpedo landed by Senator John McCain (R-AZ), the Vietnam era hero, and former presidential nominee to be the thrust of this Obamacare disintegration inevitability.

But the Obamacare fiasco may only be the first step in the certainty of a new tax structure, first in 30 years, upgrading of a dilapidated national infrastructure development that has been lagging for 50 years; and an as yet feeble attempt to re-engage factory manufacturing back on American soil.

While the hiring of craftsmen and “blue collar” workers is slowly moving forward, the lack of a meaningful breakthrough by mid-year 2018 could endanger the expected major Senatorial expansion, President Trump needs this to inspire a major “blue collar” GOP turnaround. A failure in this regard would not only fail to solidify the healthy Senate majority “Upper House” that Trump needs, but could also signal bad news for a re-election in 2020.

The failure of President Trump in enforcing this near-unanimous political backing that the President needs to implement critical programs; but one that former President Reagan so successfully used to turn the U.S. 180 degrees to the positive side, during the turnaround 1980's.

President Trump’s half-hearted attempts to belatedly seek help from the Democrats are likely not enough to repeat the Reagan/Tip O’Neill comrade-ship that Reagan received from the influential Democrat House Speaker. This launched President Reagan’s sensational six-year success, after President Jimmy Carter’s disastrous inflation and foreign policy failures.

With the North Korea disaster, the Eurocom muddle, and Trump’s “America First” nod to receiving acceptance by voters will take a massive turnaround to turn the current welter of confusion into the previously anticipated comeback, promised by Trump’s November 8, 2016 surprise election victory.

In the annals of recent history, no “allied nations” sellout to a global bully was more atrocious than Britain/France’s sellout to Germany of Czechoslovakia to the “Hitlerites” in October, 1938.

This misdeed became the signals for the Nazis to let loose its overwhelming war machine, without any fear of resistance from Britain, France, and least of all, the U.S., to offer meaningful resistance to Germany’s forward march to global conquest.

Since history has a habit of repeating itself, the wretched sellout “Iranian treaty” bears both the resemblance and potential consequences of the “Munich sellout” that opened the door to the Nazis’ blitzkrieg that garnered most of Europe by mid July 1941. Only Hitler’s misjudgment of an early runaway victory over the Soviet Union, and his declaration of war against the U.S. two days after the Japanese sneak attack on Pearl Harbor reversed a certain global victory for the two nations capable of plunging the civilized world into the bleak darkness of the Middle Ages.

The Obama regimetn’s unleashing the up-to=date viciousness of the current Iranian “murder gang,” including the SS-like military process of Tehran’s killer teams, along with Lebanon-controlled Hezbollah, are geared to wipe out not only Israel, but crush the Sunni Saudi Arabs, which once controlled the Islamic Middle East through their control over the world’s OPEC-manipulated oil supplies, and its alliance leadership with the U.S. in the past few decades.

This has been frittered away by the Ayatollah Khamenei and his alliance with Russia, Syria, and the Houthi’s militants in Yemen, pressing the Saudis from the South.

The Obama/Kerry open door to Iran’s previous financial restrictions, which undercut these moderate Arab nations, such as the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, and Jordan that are now facing a much “richer Iran,” added to the Middle East’s increasing dissolution. This release of $100 billion by the U.S. to finance Hezbollah, Hamas, and Hamas’ Al Qassan brigades, along with the Iranian Shiite military version of the Al Qassam brigades, to organize the eventual destruction of Israel and all its Jewish occupants. Together with additional funds from European allies, this provides Hezbollah with an additional $800 million.

What is particularly galling is the naivete of America’s Jewish Community, that still looks approvingly at its arch-enemy Barack Hussein Obama, and his organization; along with John Kerry, and former Vice President Al Gore, in supporting this dastardly deed, whether innocently, or by sheer ignorance.

Hopefully, enough members of this uninformed community will wake up in time to become aware that Munich II is imposed on them, along with Israel, the real pride of Jews everywhere.

The increasing use of drugs (opioids) by tens of thousands of working class members is already creating a shortage of skilled workers, as this dreaded habituation is spreading like a wildfire throughout applicants, even for skilled jobs, as some job seekers are being rejected by employers, who require this sophisticated segment more than ever before.
It is estimated that as many as 100 Americans die each day of drug overdose. Health reports anticipate that overdoses could claim up to 650,000 lives over the next decade.

Current statistics add to this concern as up to 25% of job applicants fail because of this malady, according to the staffing agencies. Also, two million unemployed, not looking for work, take legal opioid painkillers on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, millions of people are already hooked on prescribed painkillers, such as Percocet, despite efforts by doctors to wean them away from such medications.

This dangerous threat, of which the medical profession has taken a somber view, find it increasingly difficult to overcome, because of its widespread availability and cheap price

Employers facing drug abuse in the workforce are on their own, as the addiction hits the hardest in areas like construction, food service, entertainment, hospitality, and transportation. The rejections are close to getting out of hand, forcing producers to skirt the issue by ignoring the consequences of failed drug tests, more often than not.

No matter what the final outcome of this expanding business-related problem, the further issue of all-time high drug importation into the U.S. makes this horrendous issue currently unmanageable, finding itself right in the middle of “border-crossed” raw opioid influx into the U.S. and even more critical cases of criminal disaster in the future.

President Donald J. Trump’s dramatic and dynamic address to the United Nations general assembly on September 19 may go down in history as the greatest challenge to the 193 strong membership since its founding in San Francisco in February 1945.

Many empty speeches have been promulgated since that time; but practically none have ever been followed up by meaningful action. Since the U.S. fulfills almost a quarter of this world organization’s multi-hundred billion dollar budget (far more than any other group of nations combined), this historic speech has received the expected applause to a U.S. President who ever threatened the “evil-doers” by name, or warnings of reactive consequences.

While North Korea, Iran, and Syria were singled out for subsequent punishment, if their reactions are either truculent or noncommital, it leaves it up to the U.S. as to what action will be taken by such expected indifferences.

The U.S. President, for the first time in rhetorical history, has laid negative consequences on the line; if those nations singled out commit further misdeeds; and refuse to re-direct the global disasters that they have placed in the position of continued criminality.

What was most unusual about the President’s speech to the General Assembly was that it bluntly put into position stringent American action of positive revisions; to combat varied identified “paragons of animosity.”

Departing from the generalities of previous American President oratories to this band of indifferent member animosities, President Trump will have to take affirmative action, never before employed by his predecessors. Since previous “sanctions” have previously turned out to be impotent, stringent affirmative action will have to include:

1) Drastic reduction of the overwhelming American UN dues that have supported those “do-nothing” UN actions.

2) Eclipsing the U.S. (New York-based) general headquarters of this sad attempt of the 1920-30's “League of Nations” post-World War I similar attempts, to other nations, not based on expensive U.S. real estate.

3) Take unilateral action against those leading perpetrators of growing negative world confrontations.

4) At the very extreme, take precipitous military action against the world’s aggressors, who had previously laughed off the presidential actions, as empty boasts.

As 2018 approaches, the world will carefully be watching whether Trump’s great September 18, 2017 speech is just another unfilled bluff.

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Is “Antifa” the Face of the New Fascism?

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When exploring the explosive history of the past century, and the global disasters led by its political practitioners, one can simplistically ascribe its worst, most malicious results to Nazism, Fascism, anti-Semitism on the right, and Communism/Socialism, and atheism on the left.

While the ultra-right wing has become ever weaker with the increasing rejection of “Fascism” in the post World War II period, the left kept enjoying its populist “humanism” throughout the Christian European population under the protective wing of the Social Democracy “belief system.”

But this resultant oversimplification conveniently eliminated Soviet “Communism” and even Mao-tse-Tung’s Chinese version of it into old-fashioned dictatorship, where the Spanish dictator Francisco Franco style of one-man leadership has become the driving force throughout other European and Asiatic nations.

But most recently, in an unforeseen 180 degree turn, an unexpected reversal has developed, on which the militant “Left” has become the aggressor, while the formidable vicious perpetrators have become the victimized underdogs.

This has best manifested itself in the U.S., as the once “timid Socialists” have become increasingly aggressive, making left-wing criticism a crime to be met with visceral protestations, physical attacks against non-believers, and resorting to the destruction of statues and other edifices, defined as glorifying unaccepted historic patriotism.

In essence, both the Christian Europeans, and an increasing number of American South regional “Socialists” have taken to the “streets” to enforce their will.

With states like California, Illinois, and New York opting to become “sanctuary states” for their believers, any attempt to fall back on the U.S. constitution is being met with vicious verbal assault, once ascribed to the Fascism of yesteryear.

While the timid “right-wing” espousals of the derided Steve Bannon, and the faded Glen Beck are barely listened to by the new extremists, these have grabbed the websites, Facebook, and other forms of communication to espouse their version of “Fascist” Socialism.

This “herein stated” premise is growing daily by leaps and bounds. It may be the responsible factor of crushing what’s left of the traditional “Democrats;” now hopelessly at each other’s throats. It may be allowing the new “Trumpist” majority to gain a solid Senatorial majority, added to its already strong position in the House of Representatives.

The November 2018 mid-term elections will determine how valid and powerful this political reversal may have become in such a short period of time.

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