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Will US Population Growth Complicate Employment?

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As America’s population expansion accelerates at a greater rate than originally expected, the already precarious employment balance faces the risk of further out-of-kilter imbalance.

Unlike America’s European cousins, and Japan, suffering from population retraction due to shrinking family size, the U.S. people expansion is well ahead of expectations, projected at the turn of the millennium,16 years ago. This is due to stepped up immigration, both legal and undocumented. Already third in the world, with a total U.S. population numbering 325 million, the 350 million mark is assured well ahead of mid-century, with 400 million a distinct possibility in the third quarter of the 21st century.

While a swelling population, accompanied by a breakthrough technology, militates against employment absorption, such state-wide and federal regulations, such as calling for a minimum of $15 per hour for entry level employees, plus those that fill part-time jobs, or the hundreds of thousands of supplemental positions that exist in the ever widening retail sector, further complicate employment absorption.

The Environmental Protection Agency, fresh from its victory over coal production, as well as coal’s export opportunities, is now training its job-cutting abilities on natural gas and adequate water supplies, banking on renewables to close the gap.

Even the most ardent advocates of renewables don’t expect solar, geothermal, wind, and bio-related power providers to contribute more than four to five percent of total power generation required for the growing needs of electric utility expansion.

While the interminable path to the political super bowl of the presidential election approaches, it’s questionable whether the incoming national leadership will understand the critical confrontation that is mounting between comprehensive regulatory control legislation and job creation.

Currently, judging from the lack of emphasis on employment resolution by political candidates, it’s a practical given that those U.S. inhabitants on the dole will outnumber those additional fully or partially employed in the years ahead.

Q: Will US population growth complicate employment?

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