Video - Booth Tour

Booth Tour

A booth tour video is designed to showcase a product or service from your booth at a tradeshow. It can be anything from a product demonstration to an interview with the CEO. Not only will you receive a professionally produced video, but you will also get exposure from one of our 50 plus leading trade publications/brands. BNP Media will distribute, host and promote your video through various media channels.


Basic Booth Tour

A basic booth tour offers a one-hour video shoot at your booth and a fully produced video up to 3 minutes long.  A booth tour is a great opportunity to demonstrate new products or services. You can record a voice-over at your booth or pick a representative from your company to demonstrate your hottest products/services at your booth.

Premium Booth Tour

In addition to all of the above, a premium booth tour’s polished video is up to 5 minutes long and includes additional editing, including an animated introduction and ending. You also have the option to read off a mini-teleprompter if you don’t want to memorize a script.  You may also use up to four representatives from your company to break up the video and focus on different products/services.