Video - Editorial Sponsorship

Editorial Sponsorship

Let BNP Video do the work for you! An editorial sponsorship is a video created by a BNP Media brand that’s posted and promoted for you. Your sponsorship includes promotion in our brand eNewsletters, on our website, through social media, and more! Sponsorship packages include a short video ad with your logo and message produced by BNP Video that plays before the editorial video.


Editorial Sponsorship 1

With an editorial video, BNP Video teams up with a BNP Media brand to create a video for their intended audience. Video styles include industry news, new technology, events, interviews, product demos, etc.

Editorial Sponsorship 2

An editorial sponsorship is a great way to get involved in video. Whether your company is new to video or you produce several a month, an editorial sponsorship will get you noticed thanks to a valuable promotion package.